Ibarra crazy flight

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Reaching Ibarra, I group all my strength to go up the hill to fly in the morning. Ibarra is THE paragliding spot in Ecuador to fly acrobatic or simple normal flying.

Trouble is I got a stomach infection at night and needed to go to the hospital. I have slept only little and there is no one at the take off except me. My judgment faculties are not the best at this point.

Wind seems OK up there but speed and directions of the clouds shows me different thing. I remember the local paragliding school pilot telling me this strange opposite direction of the wind is OK for flying here.

And I take off. This was surely the most stupid idea of my life.

After five minutes in the air I feel the glider moving abruptly, showing me how the air is not calm as it looked prior.

I understand quickly the whole crappy situation. I am under the wind of the mountain, and this is strong rollers which are now taking me up and down!

Now I can barely control my wing, and, avoiding the worst, I quickly pull down the big ears.

Second mistake I made: I forgot my gloves and the lines now are cutting hard my fingers.

Smiling is the best thing to relax in this hard time. Smiling avoids you panicking and gives you strength and ability.

I smile, but I am freaking out though!

Eventually the ground approaches after a very long moment, I land, I can now walk normally again!

I have flown Ecuador, but I would better not have done.