Various cyclists

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On our way up to the Ecuadorian boarder, we meet various cyclists.

Mark Beaumont, UK, is an ex record man for world tour on bicycle (6 months and a half, 30.000kms and passing by two antipodeans points), currently riding for another record: climbing Mt Kingsley and Mt Aconcagua in the same season and going from one to another by bike. He is also having the firm project to beat the world record of crossing the North Atlantic rowing next to this.

He is working for the BBC as reporter and makes his life out of his crazy ideas.

Edgar, Colombian, 37, is also after a record: South America Tour on a bike in 9 months passing by every country.

It would be conceivable if he had a bit of better equipment: just a bike.

Nearly no jokes, he barely carries with him a jumper and an extra tyre, also a ampere metre, but apart this, nop, nada!

He asks people for food and shelter, that’s his way! Maybe not a world record, but at least a very amazing trip!