Flights over Lima

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The Peruvian coast is quite a boring landscape and I don’t like it.

It is desert, extremely arid, but also with a continuous fog obstructing the view which I usually enjoy in the deserts.

We reach quickly Lima, huge city where we can paraglide above the skyscrapers on the coast.

By chance, I meet there my paragliding school ex teacher Titi, what a surprise!

Erwin is a Peruvian bike traveler and Couchsurfing member. He takes care of us for our whole stay in Lima. He is definitely one of the best Couchsurfing (CS) experience I have ever had.

We also get to know the Capitan-chief of the army parachuting school of Peru-Lima. He invites us in the army base for amazing demonstrations and jumping off a tower, pretty funny!

After all this, he invites us for a real jump from a plane with them! Of course we would be willing to, but the tight schedule makes impossible...