Nazca lines and mysteries

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Nazca is world wildly known for its archaeological lines strangely drawn in the desert. Thousands of line and figures have transformed the whole area as a huge canvas, drawings seen only from mountains around or from a plane. How people not knowing about flying got the idea to draw such mysterious signs?

On our side we are happy to cycle through, seeing here and there what we can see from the ground, watching all these tourists flying above in their noisy planes, boring local people living there all year round. This way is definitely not for us, really.

Unfortunately, it is also strictly forbidden to fly with the paraglide above.

One evening, we stop at a stone career, invited by a family. Children run everywhere and bring us back a crane, some very old looking ropes, and potteries.

We are camping in an archeological site, probably a pre-Columbian cemetery!

These people ask us not to say anything about it, because they would confiscate the land. I leave the choice in their hand and will never ever reveal where the secret site lies!!!