La Paz

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As a reward for all our efforts, we reach La Paz, Capital of the country.

We travel with no guidebook. Well to tell the truth, Nadège has got one, Bolivia Lonely Planet, 1986, first edition. Let’s say we don’t have any.

So that La Paz was absolutely not expected to be a nice city. And at my great surprise, I discover a magnificent city, full of relieves, houses and buildings climbing up the hills all around, I love it!

La Paz is the most beautiful city I have seen so far with Rio de Janeiro.

We have an address with us: Chuquiago Café, a nice place, downtown, runs by Cristian and Louisa.

Cristian was the national champion of race biking in 1986.

He got the idea a year ago to open his doors to the travelers on bike. It is so one of the ‘casa de bici’ of South America.

There, we meet with many travelers, including quite a few bikers. There is even a couple, Philippe and Corinne Wolf, traveling on tandem, living in Paris and good friends with my uncle and aunt also often traveling on bikes.

We get to know the local pilot community and Marco, from a local paragliding school, drives us to La Carrera, a spot down the valley south of the city.

It’s late in the morning when we get up there, ready to take off.

Nadège goes first, avoiding the strong small thermals I get by following her by a few minutes.

La Paz flying is rock’n’roll, I land in a field covered of water, blouf, the shoes covered of mud, nice!