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Climbing up the volcano Licancabour with the idea to fly from the top is a nice idea BUT is a damn crazy idea.

While we must be at the top at dawn to get the least thermical activity, we still have to climb it up, meaning 1600m of going up at night.

Hopefully, this is full moon and beautiful.

The Licancabour team: Denis and Alvaro from Santiago, Nadège, Laura from La Serena, Makario the guide (no choice, we had to get a guide) and me.

Denis hasn’t slept for 48 hours because of his job, this make the altitude sickness worst for him.

When we get to the top, 5916m (from sea to top with no petrol!), exhausted, headaches, visions, the sun is already shining on the Altiplano all around.

The vision is absolutely superb.

Bad news, wind is West, strong. Denis would fly but he’s asleep at 50m from the top.

I have a little run with Alvaro just for fun. 50m, not more, and I promess you I fall, dead, it takes me 15 minutes to recover.

Going down through the stone fields give us a good opportunity to recover the normal atmosphere pressure while playing shoes ski!