Spain - From Pyrenees to Gibraltar’s gap

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When I cross the boarder France – Spain, something happens to be a strike in my life: I leave my country for real, on a bike, can you believe that? And I will not return before a long, very long time.


Another thing is : I do not speak Spanish. I will have to remember well Manu Chao’s songs... and it works! But asking “que hora son mi Corazon?” to any people I meet is not so much handy.

France side of the Pyrenees was about to go up and suffer. Spain side is about going down, and that was looking much easier. However strong face wind does not allow me to get the full advantage of it. I must keep on paddling hard to keep a decent speed. It’s so frustrating! 

But at last I get to Organya, one of the best acrobatic paragliding spot in the world. We call it the magic spot: the lift is everywhere! A good bunch of young artists of the air are set up there, all coming from Saint Hilaire du Touvet, my nearby spot from home! Théo, a good crazy friend, is also part of the band. Let’s go flying! 

I stay there a week, learning more about full stall and other little game that can be played in the air with a nice white ultralite wing. When I see myself 1000m above the ground while I just wanted to go down smoothly, I get to some questions to myself like: “what the hell am I doing here?”. 

Biking alone in Spain is a pleasure I have for a few days. But soon, I meet Geoffray, a crazy biker who want to do the tour of the Iberia peninsula by going for 200 kms a day minimum. Too much for me, as I am twice loaded as he is. But he decides to go slower in order a part of the trip with me. We go together like this for three weeks from Barcelona to Malaga, on the southern coast. Geoffray is my real teacher for biking hard on the road. Together we will set my own record of 182 kms in a day! 

When I leave him, this is with the promess we will see each other on each continents for a bike ride. 

I finally get to Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe. I have crossed a whole country on a bike in one month. Not bad for a start!

And now ahead of me lays Africa, Morocco, and behind me is Europe, normal life. I pick the adventurous option; let’s go for more as it is so far the best experience of my life!