Pacific Ocean

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From Santiago, 150 kms is missing to get to the Pacific Ocean.

Having left like 10 kgs of equipment to François to lighten my bike, I speed up and finish this in two days, getting so to see for the first time the Great Pacific Ocean on that side!

How strong is my emotion when I put my knees on the wet sand, I just finished crossing South America from one side to the other!

Really revolving the world seems much easier and possible now.

Paula hosts me in the Couchsurfing philosophy. In the morning I get to see huge pelicans, and a bunch of lions’ sea, also called manatees, so beautiful!

We are here in the mythic city of Valparaiso, so colorful! Some neighborhoods are even classified World’s Heritage by the UNESCO.

Pablo Neruda used to live here, I go to visit his house, he gave his name to my high school. That was the least I could do.

Here also I get back to Thiago, Brazilian biker around South America who I met for the first time in Santiago. We will go for the next 3 weeks together toward north.

I end up now the lonely part of the trip.

Nadège is going to arrive the same day Thiago is going to leave.

Woo 11 months alone was enough! I had a lot to think about on my own and to experiment the loneliness, now I want to share and to communicate the experiences of the travel.

Plus biking together make me forgetting how much we paddle, I don’t feel anymore of the wariness, it’s all good!