The boarder into the sky - Argentine-Chile

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Passing the boarder between Argentina and Peru is not that easy.

I Must climb 600m of dirt road mixed with bad snow from 3300m to 3900m to the Cristo Redemptor.

In fact the asphalted road pass by a tunnel forbidden to bikers and those ones must ask for a (free) ride with the vehicle from the tunnel staff. Well, I said “no petrol” if I can avoid it.

Added to that, the challenge really appeals me.

However, going down on the other side of the mountain is worst than going up, because there is absolutely no vehicles tracks on the snow road. I must push the whole way down. Getting to the road, staffs from the tunnel tell me I was crazy going that way, there were mines in the area!!!

But the adventure of the boarder does not end up here. The Chilean customs are ones of the worst in the world! They do not allow any vegetables or meat products entering their territory.

A hidden onion nearly costs me 200 US$. I have to express my regret and apologize for entering an onion in Chile. The bike also saves me a lot. Thanks to you Baroud!