Los Andes

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The Andes apparition, one morning, is one of the best moments of those last months. Saying that I was quite waiting for it would be quite a joke. I was desperate seeing mountains next to this big period of flat land!

And to be true, The Andes responds to my dreams of travel. I am now going to follow them from south to North till Panama Canal. They will be my companions, my obstacles, the ones I will have to adverse, and the ones I will contemplate plainly.

There is now less than 150 kms to Mendoza. Although I was planning to do it in 2 days, this apparition gives me such a boost that I do it in one day, meaning that I end up that crazy run of 1900 kms in 19 days, also saying 100 kms/ days with no stops. Beyond the physical challenge, this means to know myself much better, showing what I am able to face, and this is something before crossing and following the big cordillera.

Here I am now at my friends’ place Cristo and Faco for the next 3 weeks, flying, resting and partying. Ouf!