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Over motivated, full of power and energy, I claim myself that I surely can link Kressburgo to Mendoza within less than 30 days, meaning 2500 kms, and to 'kill' at least 100 kms every single day!

Land is flat, wind is for now quite in a good position toward me, meaning in the good direction or simply nil. My health is perfect, motivationat the highest point, I feel I can make it.

First of all, this will allow me to cross the high pass between Mendoza and Santiago, nearly 4000m high, before the freezing and possibly dangerous winter conditions. But also it is the very occasion to know how far I went on with my physical capabilities.

Like an arrow, I fly through Argentina. Flat land, straight roads for hundreds of kilometers, I get back to the Parana rythme.

Argentina shows for me its prouds gauchos on their horses, dressed in such a nice traditionnal way, its huge haciendas producing the best meat in the world and the grass for the Maté, the no-way-to-miss-it drink of every single personn here around. Meat of course, is part of everymeal, in quantity politicaly incorrect!

Now in the little city of San Francisco, from the Cordoba' provincia, everythingseems alrightso far, but my mood is subject to the unreliability of some part of my equipment, especially the computing part. Allowing me to communicate with the world, that sort of problems give to the adventure a side more solitary and therefore can impact badly the moral...

I plan 15 days for relaxing and flying in Mendoza. So far, next to 10 days, I still haven't stopped and the rythme of 100 km/day is fully respected.