Paraguay - Posted On

My friend and temporary travelmate Frank quickly find a bike. We are now on the road looking desperatly for two horses on our way in order to try this alternative and adventurous way of travelling. But in spite of horses, we find a charming young lady of 21yo, Cristina Kress, owner of a huge land of 30.000 ha (at least) growing fruits and veges, and headmaster of a group of 3 companies linked to this agricol production, giving work to the city of Kressburgo. Nothing less than a princess in the modern world. Welcomed as VIP, she offers us to stay in a guest house, giveus a tour of her land and free access to the restaurant! However, no horses!

Frank gone (hitchhiking to catch his plane in Buenos Aires...), I get back on my bike and reach Encarnaccion, boarder with Argentina, materialised by the huge Rio Parana.