Foz de Iguaçu

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From the Parana state, I was coming on a crazy speed of 100 km/day toward the mythics Iguaçu falls.

3pm, that day, the city towers of Foz de Iguaçu gets high in the sky down the road. Argentina, Paraguay! At last! A big chill gets me, shuddering all my body, big joyce coming all of a sudden, I push my bike as hard as I can to put the emotion in my strength. I crossed the whole country-continent of Brazil, that is for me a big victory.

Hosted by my Murillo, from I get back in social life an stay a few days to give a look to the huge waterfalls of Iguaçu, less famous than Niagara falls, but more impressive! Although highly touristic place, they are worth having a good look at them. Another spectacular place to see here is the hydroelectric dam of Itaipu, where, thanks to Murillo, I receive a special invitation and I am interviewed by the local press. 2 days later, the whole city knew who I was, funny feeling!

Then, local TV channel come to interview us to know more about the couchsurfing concept (one million of members through every country in the world. It's a fabulous concept based on people hosting travellers, totally free and based on trust of each others, simply awesome!)

I welcome here my good friend Frank from Germany, met in New Zealand. We go together to Paraguay, him hitchhiking, me on my bike.