[ Newsletter Fly'n'Roll n°18] - Crossing the deepest wilderness of Australia.

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Days from the start --> 2138

Unpowered kms total: --> 57500

 Dear reader, 

 I write from Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia. I’m passing here through on my desert crossing, visiting an old friend of mine, Angie. Sebastien left in February from Esperance on the south coast, after having crossed together the Nullarbor plain. 

 The kite-bike project has been upgraded from using a single skin surface wings made by Gavin Mulvay in New Zealand to a proper land kite customized made by Ikon Kiteboarding, new sponsor of the project. 

After staying a month in Perth seeing some good old friends, flying the local XC site Mt Bakewell, I faced the loneliness on the road again, quite happy of finding myself absolutely free in the huge desert of Western Australia. I passed Monkey Mia where I had the luck to feed a dolphin freely coming to the beach, the crazy local community of Coral Bay took me to the party side of the country, and I could beat my personal best distance in a day with 372kms which is both stupid and great! Karijina National Park showed the best gorges with dreaming waterholes to jump on, and a wild flight from the Mt Nameless there changed from the everyday life routine of biking extreme long distances through the beautiful nothingness of that part of the world.  

In Broome, I met Ilona, Belgium girl who decided to go on bike as well to Darwin, so we joined together to cover the last 2000kms of headwind until there. 

Website updates:

I added new posts and hundreds of pictures about the first part of the Australian crossing, showing a lot the practice of the kitebiking on the road. You can read this HERE.

A beautiful video has been realised by Ikon Kiteboarding about the Fly’n’Roll kitebiking project. You can watch it HERE

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The project Fly'n'Roll went on different medias through the Australian adventure. here is a summary of them :

January 2014: Ozone paraglider brochure

September 2014: Eastern Australian TV - NBN news 

Dec. 2014: 

- Interview in the TWAM (Travel with a Mission) Website

- Interview on the Australian web-magazine Cycle traveller 

March 2014: Article on the Australian Icebreaker (outdoor clothing) website 

April 2014: 

- A beautiful 4-pages article on the Australian cyclist paper & web magazine RIDE ON.

- French alps radio : Radio Alpine Meilleur : Nadege's interview on her itinerary of life.

May 2014:

- Ikon Kiteboarding makes a beautiful video about Fly'n'roll kite biking through the australian desert. 

- Interview on aboriginal radio in Fitzroy crossing, western australia Wangki radio (next week).


Fly'n'Roll is supported by many persons on the road. A great thank to 


  • Jeanne T.


who added her name to the list of the private donators to the project.

 What’s planned?

 Darwin is 1500kms away from me now. I need to get there before July so that to get a crew position on the sailboat going to Singapore through Indonesia, which should take three months. Then will Asia be the last ‘bit’ of biking before home, in about 2 years time.

Wishing you a HAPPY LIFE! 



Olivier Peyre