Rio de Janeiro

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Getting out from the challenging Minas Gerais, Teresopolis, 1000m high, is the door for entering the mythic Rio de Janeiro. The relief there is quite surprising; the "sierra del mar" goes all along a line parallel to the coast, 50 kms inland, and high up to nearly 3000m. The 'Dedo de Deus', 'god's finger' is like a tower coming out from the Lord of the ring. Funny story comes when a guy shows me a video of a guy climbing up there, and from the tiny platform at the top succeed to take off, but in a near escape from crashing straight down. Later on, I´ll meet the crazy folk down in Rio, quite by chance! He´s the only Brazilian pilot I meet who enjoy to go up mountains by feet to fly rather by 4x4.

In spite of Rio, my friend Paulo, pilot from Bahia hosts me 2 weeks in Niteroi, in his house with no running water, just beside the double-side take off from the park de la cidade, and on the other side of Rio's bay.

Electricity comes from a 600m hijacking homemade power line coming through the forest. I love that!

The local paragliding club gives me a warm welcome, especially after I climbed the over-steep 250M high road to get up there with the fully loaded bike. Probably the steepest and hardest thing I have done (stupidly;) so far!

Flying there is quite convenient. It's open for onshore or off shore wind! Landing is perfect, on the grass. Although cross country is not so easy, I find here a very nice place to take time with my wing for a good chat together up in the air, looking at the Cristo Redemptor at sunset and to this whole strange city where so many things happen. The point of view on Rio de Janeiro pays offs the whole efforts I made to come here these last months.

Indescribable, the famous "morros", big towers of rock, give to the spot a special 'cachet', making this city the most beautiful I have seen so far in the world!