Melbourne, alternative city.

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In Brunswick, north of Melbourne, Kat is our ‘Warmshower’s host’, meaning she’s a bike touring person hosting bike touring people. From three days originally planned, I extended my stay to nearly three weeks, it was so good to share so much in common, as well as having a headquarter in the city that matches so well with what I believe a house should be. The floor was simply uneven everywhere, small hills and valleys through the living room and the kitchen. Ben the housemate is a true gardener and he transformed this place in a paradise with parsley, basil, succulents’ plants everywhere, two chooks giving eggs every days. Life in a city can be good. When Sebastien comes back from his trip in a van, we provided this house with every service we could find. Our little community works very well this way!

I must now focus on making my equipment ready. Three projects come up: 

- Getting the kites ready and on time, and Gavin Mulvay from Peter Lynn makes marvels here. It arrives just before we leave Melbourne.

- Fixing my bike’s front wheel and my pedal bracket, which takes time and lots of cash. I upgrade to a dynamo hub to add some power input in my main Brunton Sustain 2 battery (thank you sponsor!), as well as having a much better life span of the hub.

- Setting my solar and dynamo equipment to charge efficiently my computer aside my other electronic equipment.

It’s also time to see some friends living in this remote city, so far from Europe. People I hadn’t seen in years. Past reconciliates itself with present and friendship links restrenght.