First step in Australia- From Newcastle to Sydney

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Nadège writes:

One of the spotlights in Australia is the paragliding site called Manilla. This site is a legend for who wants to fly long distances. We stay there during 15 days very comfortably. In exchange of a few hours of work we have accommodation and a very simpatico paragliding community around. Although our dream of cross-country are not fulfilled we enjoy some very precious time for working on our mediate feedback. And we do quite well (see the video attached)!!

When we come back to Newcastle, the Australian television, NBN News, is waiting for us for an interview. We have the honour to be brought at the end of the evening news. Moreover, we are invited to watch the result on television in “Mister weather forecast” , Gavin Morris’ home, with a glass of wine please!!

After five months sailing and paragliding, we get back to our bikes with emotion, it’s like coming back at home. Our day to day life is good for us: simple and healthy pleasures of pedalling, cooking on the stove and sleeping in the nature give us balance and calm.

At last, the day comes when the great Sydney city lays its famous bridge under our wheels. The Sydney Opera witch illustrated our geographic books at school now becomes real. But a big change in this travel starts here. We will be three bikers on the road until next December. 

Sebastien, Olivier’s friend, joins the project for 6 to 9 month.

18 Sep 2013 - Video best of with images from the start of the trip in 2008.