A Trek on the sea, through islands - From Tanna to Ambrym

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Nadège writes:

After numerous adventures, it’s time to continue our travel through the islands of the north. Most of the time we stay between two and five days on each island, depending of what it can offer. Here is a short presentation of islands we visited between Efate and Ambrym:

- Efate with the capital of the Vanuatu, Port Vila is not very pleasant for us, too much of a tourist trap.

- Emae, small island with three beautiful peaks and supernice people.

- Malekula, where we hike bare foot until it very heart in the jungle.

- Ambae, where we walk during eleven hours to reach… nothing, and find a surprising bill at the end of the trek.

- Santo where we swim up in rivers until some big blue holes in wich we jump from trees.

Far away, Ambrym volcano turns the sky in red, like a lighthouse calling seamen to go back home.