The kava, the “gratte” and the Lap-Lap –Tanna Island

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Nadège writes:

We passed one week on Tanna island. Olivier and Adrien could test the local kava (see previous article « drinking kava »), one of the stronger in the world they say.

In Tanna, kava roots are chewed by young boys prior being prepared and consumed by men of the village. In Tanna, the kava tradition in still forbidden for women. Olivier came back completely drunk at the tent.

A great fishing party gives us to discover a very typical disease: in French we call it the « gratte ». It occurs when you eat some intoxicated fish. Olivier was particularly sensitive to this disease and for three days he had to lay in the tent, exhausted, and could hardly breath. As we didn’t know what it was we thought it was his asthma getting strong because of the volcano fumes.

The crisis passed, symptom kept going for a long time but went fortunately much less stronger. Actually, it is quite funny, because when we drink enough amount of alcohol, hands and feet hitch us.

Resolution harbour village is very welcoming in Tanna. We are invited to discover a very traditional dish: the Lap-Lap, cooked in a traditional oven with some smash manioc in some banana’s leaves.