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Hard, very hard adventure now. Roads keep turning into nasty dirt ways, flooded and digged everywhere. Bags don't stop blasting out of my bike, I have to put them back ten times a day. Sun is terrible, when no wind after 10am by going up hills, it's crazy, simply crazy with that 61kgs of bike to push, pull, carry, shout at, hit, anything to make it going forward. Sometimes now I doubt about it all. Why so long? Why alone? Every day brings it own little nasty thing: here I lose my gloves, there, my sunglasses get stolen, and there my stove gets stuck with no apparent reasons... and so on!

However, each day also offers it good little things: here I can fly many hours above the green sea, there I meet amazing nice people, and at no moment there is anyone to tell me off about anything: that is freedom on my point of view. With all it costs and pain, but also with all the good its contains!

Good flight, really good in this paradise of Arraial d'Ajuda. Picture it: sea, fly and sun! A cliff runs for 10 kms all along the coast, above a magnificent beach and just behind lay luxuries hotels, their beautiful gardens, and golf greens. The cliff itself is a firework of colours, from the whitest sand to a bloody red one, shining at sunset light.

Soaring here a few days give me the reward for the efforts made before. It seems that flying after this give hundred times more pleasure into the concept of moving in the air with no efforts!

I meet here local pilots, 'Bla' who welcome me so nicely in it house, Alex, Paulo and a few others, all a bit surprised by the biking concept. But who wouldn't be?

Water is absolutely beautiful, and what I find quite convenient here in Bahia is that beside every nice beaches there's a small rio going, just perfect to get out the salt of the sea.

Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Parana are the states I will cross, one after each other, to get to Iguacu. Each state is quite similar to the size of France, 4000 kms under an equatorial sun, in the hot season. Sounds fun!

Next step, next objective, next motivation: the mythic Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, sort of Saint Hilaire of Brazil.