France break - Posted On

When my childhood’s friend Mathias in Ezy, near Grenoble, I find there is no other place to be really. We pass there some days where time seems having no effect. We build together a second French firebath. It’s also time to fly from the Vercors and to land right beside the house. I start to like this thematic of flight: play with the wing where you have passed much time when you were a kid…

There is Zoé, and his two kids Lou and Mahé. Before starting my trip, there had been a joke from them, sending me a picture of Lou in Zoé’s belly, with a faked girl writing saying “here is the result of our lovely night….” I had a chill…. Ever since, I consider Lou as my mid-daughter. So, as a mid-father I dig a hole under a tree I had planted when she was born and I hide a treasure inside: a bottle of wine, some letters, some small objects that would be symbolic of nowadays. We will open this when she will turn 18.