Friendly times

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In 2008, Poisat, Olivier’s hometown, family house’ Neighbours was first spectators for his departure around the globe. When we are back, they show real interest listening to the stories of four years of adventures. It is therefore the opportunity to organize a private conference and to experiment our new “memory type” game “Fly’n’Roll”. What an experience to bring back to his hometown what is going on in the world!

Taking the opportunity of a travel in France, Nele, our friend acrobat from New Zealand meets us back in Fugières for a few days. How pleasant it is then to show her our environment. She climbs with us the magnificent Mont Aiguille and set up the scenery with a superb hand-stand right at the top, with 1000m cliffs under… 

The dangerous ‘trip-on-a-bike’ virus has hit again. Fanny, Nadège’s friend, went on her own for six months through East Europe. We have the pleasure to host her in Fugières for sharing all this around a firebath newly built. We also share our best passion of paragliding on a superb grassy hill spot close by, she was hanging herself under Olivier’s harness, shouting of pure joy!

Nadège could at last make a dream come true by flying from Saint Honoré 1500 skiing resort to land right in her house garden. She can check this off!