Flying trek in Cap Reinga

New Zealand part I - Posted On

When we get to the northernmost point of New Zealand, we find a three days walk that leads us from the Cape Reinga to the magnificent giants Te Paki dunes via the Cape Van Diemen, another huge dune hanged on a cliff.

Of course, a giant dunes means that my glider is automatically in the backpack. 3kgs more doesn’t count much when it’s about flying the best ever paragliding spot in the world, and just for us!

Our beautiful coastal trek ends up by soaring over the sandy hills and playing with the wind. The ‘Dune du Pyla’ in France is now obsolete! I would compare these Te Paki dunes to Iquiqué in Chile... and no one’s seem to know about it. When talking to other kiwis’ pilots, they seemed to be surprised we could fly there?

From now on we will keep on heading south. We get then on the famous 90-miles beach which happen to be a proper road at low tide. The ride becomes paradise, especially at the end when I can thrust myself on the bike with my wing using the same technique I used on the Salar if Uyuni, Bolivia (see pictures).