Hard to find a sailboat!

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First, we have to congratulate all the trampers who came, under the name of friendship, to our “trek of departure”. Weather was more than horrible and the house of a friend allied to some good wine and food came right to save the idea to see each other one last time.

Saying Good bye to our new friends after 16 months is something any traveller has to confess being hard task to complete.

Now everyone keeps on asking the same question:

“- When are you leaving?”

and so far the worried answer has been:

“- As soon as we get a boat.”

Our condition is not easy at all as we have now entered the cyclone season and nearly all sailboats are already gone for long to New Zealand.

On the territory there are only four boats set to go. Two of them have already said a firm “no” to our request. And the two others were very reluctant to it.

That’s a VERY hard situation, because in the case none of them accept us on board, we will have to stay four or eight months more in Caledonia and then ruin a great part of our plans. 

Yesterday evening, next to various days of “negotiation”, we are invited to explain more about us to the PECC crews and captain. We get to know each other more and more, and at a final stage Régis, Bernadette and their son Edgar tell us.... “-okay!”

What a relief for us! There is now only the weather as an obstacle to pass the great Ocean. A tropical depression is on the go to hit Caledonia. Christmas will be Caledonian but we pray for a New Year’s Eve 2012 on the sea.