The first day of our new life

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Nadège writes:

Imagine that once upon a time, it is the last time you take this daily way-to-go-to-work, the last time you push the door of the same office for so long, the last time you set on the A/C, then your computer, the last professional meeting, the last coffee time with your workmates,… if one day it is the first day of your new life!! A very powerful day, when everything seems possible!
I love and recommend you this life experience.  Let’s say good bye to the boring day-to-day working life, and “good’ay!” to everlasting surprising freedom!!

Before starting we have to say goodbye to all our caledonian’s friends. We were very touched by friend’s attentions. Thanks you!!
The 9th December 2011, we start our new retiring life. The last day at work... Our contracts are now over, we have now to organize our travel, our real life.

First step :

-    Gear strict selection: We sell our cars, kitesurfs, cell phones .. “fortunaly” we have been robbed a few times, so now it’s easier!
-    Administrative paperwork: National taxes, bank, health,.. it’s the boring part!
-    We leave our house mates of the year 2011 for staying in a friend’s flat in downtown.

Our new adress becomes:

Olivier et Nadège,
Le Baroudeur et l’Alpazone,
Freedom Road,
99999 World.

Second step:

- We have to find a sailboat for crossing the ocean to New Zealand. However it is not easy because a lot of the sailboats have already departed in the beginning of December when the weather was perfect for such crossing (in the contrary of 2010). Only very few of the latest sailboats still plan to cross to New Zealand. Our worry is in the case of we don’t find a sailboat now, we will have to wait until the end of the cyclone season which will be strongest from 15th January to 15th march.

The first law of our travel regulation is:“ No motorised means to go on”, meaning : no plane. And we don’t want to stay any further!
We keep you updated...