Cyclotouring in Maré and Lifou islands

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Maré, Loyalty island:

Yann is an old friend of my engineering school that got off the career thing. He came here to live and learn things about how to become self-sufficient and environmental friendly. He is one of the three people that gave me the willing to come to New Caledonia. We see each other once more in his remote island. But we don’t seem to share much anymore. I guess this is a time process. Whatever, I feel happy having seem him again, giving me a good reason to go to Maré, a pretty wild Canaque island.

Lifou, Loyalty island:

Holidays, again. Great. On my own, because Nadège is NOT teacher. I am. So I go alone on Lifou island. I set up this simple rule to myself: ride EVERY road on the island with my bike.

Of course there is no way I take the plane to get there, although this is the simplest and quickest way to do. I try every mean, knowing that the ferry is already more than overbooked. Hitchhiking a sailboat doesn’t work. So I make my way through the doors at the ferry station, and at the last minute, when everyone has got in, I ask if this is OK to go, and yes, there had been people that finally didn’t show up. I am on my ferry way!

In order to come back, I will use the same process. But that time it’s even harder. I know this had worked in one way, but coming from the island at the end of school holiday is another story.

So when I see a cargo ship in the harbor, I jump on John, the Tahitian captain and ask him for a ride. He’s OK! I am so happy of it, after so many years of hitchhiking, this is the first time I catch a 80m-long-cargo ship!