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15 days paddling slowly throughout the "petite cote" of Senegal, till the village of Keur Koly, Pointe Serene.

I meet there all a little community almost non French speaking, who welcome me warmly. It is what we call the Teranga (hospitality) from Senegal.

Couscous with milk, sandwiches with eggs, spaghettis, potatoes and grilled meat (5!) all fried in margarine, Tié bou dieng (rice and fish) of different sorts, I fill up stomach and my eyes with the Senegal I was looking for, with Africa and with the happiness I feel everyday simple day to adventure in such far countries from home. WE take there the "big kite" where the word paraglide hasn't been spoken nor shown in this too flat country to do whatever with it.

Groundhandling with kids among some have get the nice feeling to fly a fex seconds in the air. Others are simply too scared of the thing, or maybe too shy, god knows!

A few days passed in the peaceful comunity of Bidew bi association, a cultural center in Yeumbeul, created by the africa music band MBAYMI, senegal guys met in Figeac 2 years ago. Babacar and Seydou have created there something worth to have done this long way in that direction. Sailboats from the Rallye are leaving the continent tomorrow, sunday. I'll be with them till Cape Verde and this will thereafter be the Great Crossing to Brasil!!!

Note about the website: comments under the pictures have been corrected so that they should be readable... wish you a nice trip with them!