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Croatia - Posted On

Days from the start --> 2700

Unpowered kms total: --> 103100


Dear reader, 

I write from Croatia where I was facing a real storm followed by a freezing calm.

Last newsletter came from Singapore in September 2014. At that time I had just reached the Asian continent.

As you might have noticed, my website hasn't been much updated since, except for the position on the map. I updated much more frequently the Facebook page with short news.

Since that date many things happened, from Tibetan highlands crossing in winter to war area narrow escape in Turkey, constantly receiving thousands of gifted smiles and help all along from Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Martians.

All stories will come more complete on the website in little time when I reach home.

Because, yes , that's my point, I'm about to reach home after 7+ years on the road and more than 100.000kms completed carbon free for transports!  

On the 29th December 2015 at 2pm, I will reach the point where from I started 7 years earlier, the house where I grew up. Everyone are welcome for those who wish to see how years on the road can shape a bike and it cyclist like shit! This will happens at 7 rue Claude Debussy, Poisat near Grenoble. A public presentation of the trip will be held from 4 to 6pm at the Espace Léo Lagrange, nearby. This will be followed by a potluck 'return home' party till 1pm. Volunteers welcome for help to organize. Bedding can be organized if necessary, please let me know by email.

Some of you have offered to accompany me for the last kilometers. I would be happy and touched by the gesture. Everyone wishing to join are welcome. The map of the itinerary has been updated. Click on the link. I will be around Genova the 26th December morning, and will go 50 to 80km/day. Please send me email if interested.

See you very SOON!

What’s planned?

Crossing Alps through Innsbruck and the Switzerland and so on until Grenoble, home!

Wishing you a HAPPY LIFE! 



Olivier Peyre